Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

1 out of 10 ----downloading~ *nonsense* :P

hai-hello-annyeong-ni hao :D
I'm back in blogging world!
anybody miss me? LOL :))
FYI,I'm nacchan from novitabelinda.blogspot.com which I had closed just a few months ago :3
so,I had made a new blog before,but I deleted it and TADAAAA!! THIS NEW BLOG IS BORN !
I'm a person who get bored easily,haha :P
please understand if I sometimes post something nonsense,cause I write based on my mood :B
feel free to follow my blog,exchange links with me and comment on my posting b'cause it's very important for me.

---for anyone who wants to exchange links with me,kindly tag me on the tagboard!Thank You (_ _)---

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